The folks over at Robot Entertainment really, really want you to pick up their new game, Orcs Must Die! 2 when it launches on July 30. So much so, in fact, that they are now offering yet another perk for pre-ordering the game via Steam, this time taking the form of a 10 percent discount.

If you pre-order Orcs Must Di! 2 before its late July launch, you’ll be able to snag it for the new low price of just $13.49. And being a co-op game, you and a friend can even pitch in together to pick up a specially discounted two-pack, giving you a pair of copies of the game for just $22.49.

If that still isn’t enough savings and you have not yet gotten around to playing the original Orcs Must Die!, you can even pick that up for a limited time for 50 percent off on Steam and, in so doing, earn yourself an unlock for an additional 10 classic levels in the upcoming sequel.

Taking place a few days following the conclusion of the original game, Orcs Must Die! 2 sees the War Mage joined by a mighty Sorceress. The duo must now use their combined abilities and more than 50 traps, weapons and Guardians to keep a massive army of monsters from getting through the campaign dungeons in this action-heavy tower defense game. The story mode can be played solo or in co-op, and there’s also an Endless Mode and Classic Mode to keep you busy for hours on end.

The pre-order discounts end as soon as Orcs Must Die! 2 goes live on July 30, so if you want to pick it up for a few bucks off, head on over to Steam. For more details, visit the game’s official site.

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