You Blizzard fanboys ought to be happy about this news, some other big company finally gets to feel the wrath of public humiliation and consumer account security woes. Reports are filing in stating that a number of individuals have had their Origin accounts breached, but EA is denying that such a thing ever took place.

The original malcontent consumer complaints were gathered and investigated by NeoGaf (because what better source of providing unbiased journalistic integrity than from gamers themselves?) and was later reported on and followed up on by Eurogamer.

According to an EA rep, they told Eurogamer that...
"At this point, we have no reason to believe there has been any intrusion into our Origin database.”

As evidenced on the Neogaf forum thread, there are a striking number of threads on Origin's support forums indicating people are all running into the same problem, where they receive e-mails indicating that someone changed their password and login information. As the main image indicates, one user found out that someone from Russia had gained access to his account.

It's very similar to what happened with all those Diablo III accounts earlier this year when the game launched in May.

For this particular case, so far, it just looks like the user's Origin account information to login has been altered but not much else.

This “all digital” future many of the big publishers keep pushing toward is looking less and less safe, especially considering that the entirety of a person's game collection are attached to a single account, which means that if the account is misappropriated, deleted or banned permanently, you lose access to all of your purchased games.

Some Origin users are reporting difficulty in getting their account information fixed, but I imagine EA will start drop consumer-friendly hammers on tech support now that the cat is out the bag (although I find it suspect that they would deny Origin being breached when clearly it has?). Be sure to change your Origin password right now or ensure that your account details are safe.

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