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EA is holding a spring sale over on Origin, featuring a wide selection of games that happen to be available for up to 50 percent off their original price.

If you're thinking there are just going to be a lot of outdated EA titles, you're right. However, the publisher has also thrown some newer titles into the mix. For instance, the highly praised, multiple-award-winning RPG from BioWare, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is up and available. So how much is it discounted, and what will you pay to get a digital copy of the game? Well, the deluxe edition is marked down by 50 percent, so you'll pay $34.99. The regular version is also available for only $29.99, marked down from $59.99.

Sims 4 is also 50 percent off its $69.99 price tag, meaning that you can get the game for only $34.99. If you weren't interested in the digital deluxe edition, you can grab the normal version for only $29.99, down from the $59.99 original price.

FIFA 15 is also half-off, enabling gamers to grab it for only $29.99. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is yet another game rocking that 50-percent slash, dropping the price to only $17.49.

Even the highly controversial SimCity from 2013 is discounted (the complete edition, at that). You can grab the game that caused gamers so much grief when it first launched for only $19.99. The standard edition of SimCity is also on sale, available for only $14.99 as opposed to $29.99.

Titanfall is also discounted, available for only $13.32, down from the $19.99 price point.

If shooters are your flavor but Titanfall wasn't really your cup of tea, you'll find plenty of price cuts on Battlefield games and DLC. Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4: Premium, and the digital deluxe edition of Battlefield 4 are all available at 50% off. There are tons of marked down DLC packs available for Battlefield 4 during the Origin sale, so if you're in desperate need of DLC, there's no shortage of discounts.

Battlefield 3 is also prominently discounted, its various iterations and content packs are available for up to half off. However, given that Battlefield 3 costs about the same amount as Battlefield 4, it seems like the better option would be to just get the premium edition of Battlefield 4. I mean, it sure beats the premium edition of Battlefield Hardline, right?

Anyway, EA's sports titles and Need for Speed games are also available at discounted prices. You can check out the full list of games available by paying a visit to the Origin spring sale page.