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It’s time to double check you Origin account, bank account and maybe change your password, just to be safe. It looks like some members of the digital distribution site are discovering purchases of games that they did not actually authorize.

According to a recent Reddit post, some Origin members are being charged for games that they did not buy. A quick search of the forums shows a large number of people reporting the same issues, though no official statement from Origin has been made on the matter.

For the time being, the Reddit poster offered up advice they received from an Origin employee, including changing your account password and removing payment methods currently stored on your Origin account, just in case. You should also change your password security question, for a bit of added security. If you’re really worried, or have perhaps noticed unauthorized transactions in your bank account, be sure to change your password there. Again, better safe than sorry.

“One thing to note, if you have requested a refund on the fraudulent purchases, you can not delete the stored payment method that the refund is going to until after you've received the money,” reads the post. “Usually [takes] 3 days, but they ask you to wait 10 days before contacting them.”

So, not great news and an unfortunate side effect of these modern times of digital gaming. We all want to enjoy the convenience (and frequently huge savings) of buying our content online, but doing so runs the risk of our information getting leaked, accounts getting hacked, etc. That’s not so much a problem when you hand a clerk 50 bucks in cash at GameStop.

Nowadays, though, it seems like these kinds of security breaches are becoming the norm. There was the huge attack on PSN from a couple of years ago, the DerpTrolling hacks from November and, of course, the recent DDoS attacks on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

So, yeah, if you’ve noticed a sudden purchase of Dragon Age, Battlefield 4, Titanfall or the like through your Origin account, it’s time to take immediate action. Just to be safe, though, all Origin users should probably make with the password changes and whatnot. It’s something you should probably do for all online services on a regular basis but, let’s face it, most of us simply move along with our regular lives until something like this pops up.

So, is there a silver lining? Well, um, Origin does have their holiday sale going on right now so, if you were charged for games you didn’t buy, here’s hoping they were at a discounted price? Yeah, that didn’t sound nearly as comforting as I had hoped.

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