Gamigo announced today that the second set of closed-beta testing for the Tad Williams-based MMORPG, Otherland, has commenced. The game itself will throw players into a foreign world full of intrigue, digital mysteries and some of the craziest planetary designs featured in an MMO.

The whole vibe of Otherland in my opinion is remarkable. It's such a clean and pristine looking game and it seems to combine a lot of the aesthetics that helped shape movies like Natural City and I-Robot, so there's a bit of a sterile feel to the cybermacy present in the game, while at the same time there's an asymmetrical design to a lot of the digital-oriented content (or worlds representing a fake society within a digital world) that helps give Otherland an identity all its own.

In addition to announcing the beta, the team also let loose a new developer diary talking up the classes and their abilities. You can check it out below.

I'm not too fond of traditional class-play anymore, it feels so last-generation for an MMO. However, Otherland is off-setting the class-play restrictions with weapon-based skills, which is kind of neat. It reminds me of the way SOE handled the sort of multi-skill, non-linear class orientation for creating heroes and villains in DC Universe Online.

You can check out the new MMO from Gamigo right now by signing up to participate in the closed-beta test or you can learn more by visiting the official Otherland website.

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