Overgrowth... do any of you remember this game? It's been in development since the neolithic age, and at the dawn of the post-apocalyptic resurgence of civilization many ages from now, we might finally have someone reporting on the game going gold for the PlayStation X2 and Nintendo Burb.

Anyway, the game has finally been updated with more than 200 changes and a new video has been released to highlight some of these changes, including things like an active parry system that works on a passive mechanic. Basically, players just have to stand there and hold their weapon out and their character will block. Neat, eh?

The passively active-parry system is almost identical to the one from the popular Jedi Knight games or the earlier Tekken titles, where the first few hits while allowing the player with the auto-parry to riposte or engage in an active parry or active block. It's basically setup so that fights to start and end instantly the way they would in real-life where the person with the quickest movements would win before things even got started.

Thankfully, the developer understands that style and presentation make up for as much of the entertainment values as the destruction and chaos that players are always likely to employ throughout their journey.

Other minor updates to the game's arena mode and throwing system have also been included, such as being able to save a fight after each arena round so that players going through the gauntlet of baddies can exit, have a ham sandwich, finish a 5,000 word essay for that oh-so-evil Professor Mcgillicutty and then watch some Paula Shore movies before returning to the game. The arena mode will pick back up where you last left off and even offer a grace period so you don't accidentally kick someone in the face and get disqualified.

Also, the video showcases the female rabbits, customizable variations of townsfolk, assassins and NPCs... although the only difference between the male and female rabbits are some boobs, if you're into that sort of thing.

The one thing I was most excited about was the sword throw and the head-roll throw that kind of works as a combat spacing technique, allowing players who are a little too close to roll their opponent and create a bit of space.

So far, I'm loving the combat and movement fluidity of Overgrowth, it looks and appears to play really good.

There's no telling when the game will eventually launch, as it's been in development since forever, but hopefully it's nearing release because I could see this game providing gamers with countless hours of fun. You can learn more about the game or pre-order by visiting the official website.

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