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A new video clocking in at 12 minutes details the character Mercy, a healer-support character in the upcoming first-person, multiplayer shooter from Blizzard called Overwatch. The game has slowly been detailing the characters as the game moves toward release.

You can see the video of Mercy in action with the video below, featuring unedited gameplay from a team defense match on the stage Temple of Anubis. Check it out below.

If you didn't already know, it's quite easy to glean from the Overwatch video above that Mercy is a full support character. The few times she tries to get heavily engaged in the fighting and combat she gets wiped really easy. It kind of fits in with her lightly armored, techno-angelic theme.

Her main rifle is used to buff or heal teammates. Her second weapon is a pistol that's used to deal damage to opponents. The pistol is fairly deadly if you can get in a few direct shots on enemies, but Mercy is not a main tank or DPS character and she will get wiped really easy in direct one-on-one encounters.

Majority of Mercy's success on the battlefield seems to be relegated to staying behind tougher characters and keeping them healed while they tank shots and deal massive damage. Also, as revealed in the video, you can see that Mercy takes damage fairly easily and is killed by some of the opponents in about two well placed hits. We see this in effect when Zenyatta uses his traffic cop kung-fu to shoot some fireballs at Mercy and wipe her out while she's attempting to hide in the little cloister.

One of the interesting things that became kind of apparent in the video is that Hanzo is a freaking badass who is legit on the battlefield. Because he uses arrows instead of firing a gun that you can track by sound, he makes for an excellent stealth character that gets in and kills opponents with ease.

But the video wasn't about Hanzo, even though he was wrecking people with his stealth attacks pretty badly.

Blizzard has been releasing new content and character videos for Overwatch, giving gamers a small taste of each of the new characters on the roster.

A lot of people have praised the game's art-style and gameplay as a sort of Pixar meets Unreal Tournament game. I'm not entirely sold on the actual gameplay being centered around a kind of a MOBA setup with FPS combat, but I'm sure this will be very popular in the tournament e-sports scene. Plus, it's Blizzard.

The company also has Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone to keep the attention spans occupied on their expansive and diverse world of fantasy entertainment.

Overwatch is still a long ways off from release but Blizzard is already taking sign-ups right now. If you want to participate in the beta tests for the game feel free to drop the necessary info into the sign-up fields over on the official Overwatch website.

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