Blizzard has continued the trend of pumping out more videos for Overwatch, showing the gameplay of a specific character and this time around it's Symmetra, the turret-wielding hero who can also help her team gain an immeasurable advantage with team teleporters.

So as you can see, Symmetra relies heavily on teammates because her main role is as a support. Strictly a support.

She can place down multiple turrets that can do stacking, constant damage against opponents. Strategically placed, Symmetra's turrets could practically instantly kill an opponent if they unknowingly walked into a room, managed to get trapped by the turrets and took a bullet or two from McCree or an arrow from Hanzo.

Symmetra is also one of the few support characters in Overwatch where her abilities directly affect her teammates. While the turrets are great support tools they aren't always reliable or you can't always tell when an opponent will go in a specific area. Symmetra's shield can, however, directly opponent a teammate by placing it around them and giving them a bit of extra sponging against attacks.

Her ultimate special is a team teleporter. She can set down a teleporter at one location and have it transport teammates to a designated location of her choice. As you can see in the video above, the team teleporter is an indispensable tool for getting the team back to the defense location and defending the point from opponents.

The teleporter can be destroyed by opposing players so if you're thinking about putting a teleporter in an opposing team's base, they can easily destroy it before it gives you and your team any significant advantage. If, however, you can sneak the teleporter in a hidden location you might be able to sneak into a team's base unbeknownst to the enemy.

Symmetra's teleporter definitely adds a heavy level of strategic variation to the team dynamics in Overwatch, but it all comes at the cost of her rather weak attacks. As the video showcases above, she has a really difficult time taking on just one opponent at a time and unless the room is full up of turrets, her ray beam does little more than tickle opponents.

If you're wondering how the team managed to score a victory when Symmetra did little more than provide extraneous support, it's because this is the same match where Tracer scored 25 consecutive kills. Yes, Tracer basically carried the match and Symmetra offered some light support in the midst of Tracer's indubitable dominance in the match.

The one major takeaway is that this particular match in Overwatch has showcased how difficult it can be to play as certain characters. While Symmetra's teleporters were helpful for keeping the team in the fight and her turrets were mildly useful (at best) we basically see that some characters require a lot of skill to be considered highly useful or successful on the battlefield.

Other characters in Overwatch obviously have a lower skill ceiling, such as McCree, Tracer or Hanzo, while those with specialized skills require a heck of a lot more skill to master, such as Mercy, Zenyatta and Symmetra. I'm curious to see how well characters like Reaper or Widowmaker handle in Overwatch because they haven't really been a prime focus of the battles... yet.

You can learn more about Blizzard's upcoming first-person MOBA by paying a visit to the official website.
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