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PAX Preview: No More Heroes 2

Ubisoft showed off a small section of No More Heroes 2 at PAX, and by all accounts, it's exactly what fans of the original NMH were looking for in the sequel.

The demo was only a small series of rooms filled with enemies and a boss fight, but it was enough to get a feel for the combat. The combat was the same as the first one; the A button swings the light beam and the Z button locks on to enemies; after beating down enemies enough you can swing the Wii remote in a direction to unleash a finisher to chop off an arm/leg/torso. After locking on, you can also use the d-pad to roll out of the way of an oncoming attack, be it swords or rockets. One big difference though is that Travis Touchdown can now wield two light beam katanas.

From the short demo, it's apparent that the combat is spot on. The only point of concern is the rest of the game: the open world aspects, the jobs available to the character, the upgrades, and the customization. It will be interesting to see what gamers’ suggestions from the first game the developers will take to heart. We'll know more as the game's release date approaches, which is tentativaley scheduled for the first quarter of 2010.