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Sonomax Technologies announced today that their patented eers custom-fit earphones, the PCS-150 and PCS-250 are currently available for purchase from the Myeers online store.

Nick Laperle, Sonomax’s CEO shared a brief comment about the new earphones, saying...
“As the first self-fit custom earbuds, eers are a game changer in the custom headphones market,” ... “With this latest release, we are excited to be able to now provide our newest models to our customers around the world with the added convenience of purchasing eers online.”

The ergonomically designed earphones use the patented SonoFit design where user can utilize the single-button activation to allow the earphones to dynamically shape to the user's ear canals within five-minutes. That's some high-tech comfort right there.

For core gamers who game on the go or at home looking for an alternative to the bulky headsets and headphones from other high-end audio receptacle providers will probably find a nice little alternative with the Sonomax earphones. Also, the earphones aim to alleviate the ear irritation usually associated with the hefty headsets or ear-cups (assuming they aren't open-ear designed).

The newest set of audio devices come in two forms, one is for active audio users who find themselves on the go or moving a lot, which is the PCS-150. Gamers and audiophiles will probably find the PCS-250 more to their liking given its ability to provide unrivaled sound quality in any environment or setting. Both sets work seamlessly with a majority of mobile devices.

You can order the PCS-150 for $199.99 or the PCS-250 for $299.99. Definitely for audio enthusiasts who live the high-life. You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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