PSP's Zombie Tycoon Now Powered By The Vicious Engine

The upcoming PSP minis title, Zombie Tycoon, by Frima Studios will be powered by Vicious Cycle’s Vicious Engine. The brain-munching strategy title for the PSP is due out this fall and features several zombie squads to be controlled in a zany adventure.

According to the press release, Martin Brouard, Executive Producer of Frima Studio commented, saying…

“For our first minis title, we wanted to make something that would stand out from the crowd both technically and artistically,” “The Vicious Engine has helped us take full advantage of the PSP’s power while still keeping Zombie Tycoon within the size limit for a minis title.”

To be a minis title it actually looks pretty good…very impressive, actually. And just so you know, the Vicious Engine, which is powering Zombie Tycoon, was also used in the PSP’s Dead Head Fred and Puzzle Quest. You can learn more about Zombie Tycoon which is due out exclusively as a PSP minis title by visiting the Official Website. Need to learn more about the Vicious Engine? Feel free to check out the Official Website.

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Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.