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The new icon of subversive cultural acclivity is a little something called parkour, which is all about leaping, jumping and running up, around and past objects with a no-boundaries mentality. This has been featured in games like Mirror's Edge, Assassin's Creed and even inFamous and Prototype. Game Bridger Entertainment announced that the very first MMO parkour game called FreeJack will be entering closed beta starting this Thursday.

Matthew Denomme, Marketing Manager at Game Bridger Entertainment commented in the announcement about the game’s CBT, saying…
“FreeJack’s parkour racing offers a wholly unique gameplay experience,” … “it blends the addictive combo systems of classic extreme sports titles with the hectic multiplayer antics and accessibility of familiar kart racers – all wrapped up in a hip and vibrant package that truly captures the spirit of the underground sport on which it’s based.”

I’m definitely checking this game out, especially considering that it seems to have the underground art flair of Smilebit’s Jet Set Radio Future while offering the intense competitive nature of gPotato’s Tales Runner.

The game looks pretty sweet and you can check out some brief in-game footage over at the Official FreeJack Website, which recently launched…today! The game is free-to-play so register now and start downloading the client to participate in the closed-beta this upcoming Thursday.

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