Gary and Brian Shuster filed their 80th patent and it's something that could drastically improve the way we label MMOs. While most games limit their millions of players to possibly a thousand or so a shard, the new patent for the technology that the Shusters would like to employ would wipe away the limited player demarcations set by many old-school online design techniques.

Brian, CEO of Utherverse, a virtual-world software development company commented in the press release, saying...
“Prior generations of online games and virtual worlds have been forced to limit the number of players in an area to only a few dozen at most,”...“This technology removes these population limits and allows Utherverse to have concerts and conventions that hundreds of thousands of users can enjoy together and simultaneously.”

We've heard about this kind of disruptive technology before. Originally things kicked into gear with BigWorld Tech, as they were aiming to break down the walls of player restrictions by enabling thousands of players in a single shard at a time with their now-canceled game Citizen Zero. Fast forward a few years and we have PlanetSide 2, which has expanded on the concept of thousands of players congregating in one place and now we have a patent from the Utherverse fellows that will enable hundreds of thousands of people into a single instance.

Shuster went on to say that...
“Imagine if web sites were limited to displaying their content to only 50 people at a time. There would be no Facebook, no Google, no YouTube,”...“We now have technology that will allow virtual worlds to host millions of users simultaneously. This will be explosive for the success of the Virtual World Web™, and it will transform the internet from a flat web experience to a 3D immersive environment within the next few years.”

Well it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in a real-world application for games and 3D interactive spaces. For now, it's just words for patent #8,276,071 that to apply to “Multi-Instance, Multi-User Animation Platforms”, and a method for the creation of “parallel dimensions so as to prevent over-population of any one of the parallel dimensions”

We'll keep you posted on what actually comes out of this patent.

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