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The new expansion pack for Path of Exile called The Awakening is set to go live on July 10th, 1:00pm PST. The new expansion pack adds all new skills, abilities, monsters and items to collect. There's even a trailer to help convince gamers why they might want to give Path of Exile a try or return to the dark and brooding isometric action-RPG.

As mentioned on Eurogamer, part of the big draw to the expansion is Act IV – it opens up more of the story about the lore that surrounds Path of Exile. This includes the new location where players will travel to the Highgate to investigate the darkness around the mountainsides. Players will also venture into the “Beast”, a monstrosity of Wraeclast where Cthulhu would be impressed at the indecipherable amalgamation of twisted flesh and intestinal viscera contained within it.

Beyond the walls of flesh, players will also get to experience all new skills in Path of Exile. This includes the all new “Detonate Mines” skill, which allows players to place down mines and trigger them remotely. It sounds like a more modern tool of destruction, but all is fair in demon hunting and monster killing.

Another new skill is Phase Run, it allows players to turn invisible to enemies and move around quickly. The first offensive attack or skill used against an opponent will deal extra damage. This is similar to the stealth or back-stab kills from games like Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter.

Another new devastating skill added to the massive cache of skills already available in the skill-maze featured in Path of Exile is Ice Crash. This new skill enables players to dish out a ring of ice spikes that impale anything within the radius. If anything manages to survive the initial strike there's a second ring of ice damage to go around for anyone unlucky enough to get caught in the aftermath.

One of the other big new skills is the ability to summon a Chaos Golem. This ally will help dispense of enemies around you and can take quite a bit of damage due to its hardened crystal carapace. It has both projectile-based combat skills and melee abilities for close-quarters combat.

But it's not all about skills. Some of the new features includes 100 brand new “exotic” items that players can scavenge for and find amongst the harsh land of Path of Exile. The best part about it is that you don't have to worry about dealing with any Real-Money Auction Houses to get your hands on the new items.

Grinding gear Games also implemented new challenge leagues... two new leagues to be exact. The leagues are designed to offer players a challenge in whatever path they choose for the mastery of their abilities.

Path of Exile is still free-to-play and gamers have really taken to the game as a sort of darker alternative to Diablo III. Both games are isometric action titles, and Grinding Gear Games have been working hard to ensure that their game is both appealing to newcomers and fun for the hardcore gamers. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

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