It should come as no surprise that older people aren't too fond of kids younger than 13 accessing Facebook. What might come as a surprise is that the older people get the older they feel other people should be when accessing Facebook.

In a new study by Sodahead, they detail, statistically, how 57% of kids under 18 feel that it's perfectly fine for young people around the age of 13 to access Facebook while 54% of people between 20 and 30 felt that they wouldn't trust anyone 13 and younger to be on Facebook.

What's more is that 76% of people between 55 and 64 feel that all them young people need to stay the heck off Facebook and they wouldn't trust them with delivering a pack of cigarettes from the corner store. Well, that last part was added on but that doesn't negate that 76% of people between 55 and 64 don't trust anyone 13 and under to be on Facebook.

There's a handy infographic on Sodahead as well detailing how despite many parents not being in favor of having their kids on Facebook, they still have Facebook accounts anyway. Talk about poor parenting.

You can check out the complete details of the survey and infographic over at Sodahead.

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