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Perfect World Announces First Closed-Beta For Forsaken World

The very first playable closed-beta test for Forsaken World has been set in stone…or as close to it as video game announcements go. Gamers will be able to dabble in Forsaken World’s gameplay starting in October. To be exact, October 27th…just before Halloween.

Andrew Brown, Product Manager for Forsaken World commented in the press release about the game’s limited closed-beta phase, saying…

“We are very excited to premiere Forsaken World in closed beta phase one and have high expectations," …"This will be a closed beta like no other and we would like to thank our players for the tremendous response we have received up to this point."

The game looks a lot like Perfect World Online but hey, who am I to judge, right? Anyway, only a limited number of closed beta keys will be activated once October 27th rolls around, so be sure to grab a beta key as soon as possible in order to join in on the action. You can learn more about the North American debut of Forsaken World, as well as gain more info about its features and functions, by visiting the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.