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I happily romped down to my local Gamestop the other day to pick up soon-to-be-controversial suicide romp Persona 3 (complete with bitchin’ art book as a pack-in). To my horror, I noticed one small detail on the back of the box that blew my mind—and not in the way the game designers had intended:

Memory Card - 67MB

Holy crap. Standard PS2 memory cards only hold 8MB of data. So, if I recall what I learned in Mrs. Diggits’s 3rd grade math class, I’d need to buy…lemme see…67 ÷ 8 = 8.375. That means I’d need a total of nine, count em’, nine memory cards if I ever planned on blowing my brains out on a long-term basis! I cursed my measly PS2, a shell of a system, sporting but a mere two slots for a mere two 8MB cards. I began to wonder where I could find one of those USB hubs that allow me to connect an extra seven memory cards to my PS2 as I imagined what kind of data Persona 3 could possibly be loading up my nonuplets with that would necessitate a full 67MB.

Fortunately, in actuality, saving the game turned out to be a trivial ordeal. The actual space required is 67KB. Not 67MB.

The irony is of course, that the game was already delayed due to a manufacturing issue with the art book, and after manufacturing the book, there’s still a somewhat egregious error on the back of the package. Still, at least Persona 3 is finally here for all to enjoy, including your bachelor 8MB memory card.

If you haven’t already, checked out Persona 3’s review on CinemaBlend, be sure to check it out here.

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