Hey, remember news about NASA's Mars rover the Curiosity? Well, Peter Molyneux and 22 Can's new game, Curiosity, shares the same name. To avoid getting into the legal long arm of copyrights or potentially so some other issue, Molyneux has confirmed that the name of Curiosity: The Cube will change and that they'll be using Twitter to find a new name for the iOS title.

For those of you who don't remember, the NASA rover, Curiosity, has been in the news quite a bit. Unity even provided the tech to enable gamers and science enthusiasts alike to view the rover landing in real-time using the Unity web player.

Well, to avoid any sort of conflicts, according to Beefjack Molyneux and crew will be giving their cube-chipping game a new name. How will they be going about this? Well, why not use a social network to pick a new name for a game based on a “social experiment”. According to the 22 Cans twitter...
...some interesting name choices, Will collate them, and probably tweet top choices on @22Cans ,(hope to use this as a place for more feedback)

For those who are unfamiliar with the project, the game formerly known as Curiosity sports a giant black cube in a single empty room. The objective is quite simple: players go into the room and chip away at the block. Only one person will be able to see what's inside the block and the entire thing is a persistent multi-player social experiment. So there's no telling how this will really turn out. One thing worth noting, however, is that this DLC for the game and the DLC reaches up to $77,000. Exciting, right?

You can look for the newly-named game to launch for iOS devices in early September. We'll keep you posted on the new name for the game once Molyneux and crew decide on what it will be called.

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