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PhaseSpace Makes Real Movement Easier With Unreal Engine 3

With PhaseSpace making good use of the Integrated Partners Program for the Unreal Engine technology, this means that more companies can make good use of the Unreal Engine 3 and motion-capture software utilization for the development of their product. In simple terms: The Unreal Engine 3 and PhaseSpace can be used to make even more realistic games.

The PhaseSpace technology will help alleviate the painstaking process that was present in older motion-capture systems. With the integration of the Unreal Engine 3, game developers can quickly (and conveniently) monitor, clean-up and process the mo-cap data, as opposed to the older process of hand-adjusting calculations, importing data or cleaning up the animations over the course of weeks.

According to the press release, “Previewing in the game engines enables more interaction and improvisation than has ever been available with older Mocap systems, all while reducing the capture process to a matter of seconds, rather than weeks. This is both a boon to creativity and huge cost savings. The PhaseSpace system uses active LED markers which each blink a unique ID allowing the computer to replace painstaking manual labor in older systems.”

The PhaseSpace Recap Editor tools also allow for some easy cleanup, modifications and alterations. So whether it’s a big budget project or an independent software venture, you can easily get things done without your game’s motion-capturing coming out looking like the older Delta Force games. You all remember Delta Force 2 and their motor-boat running animations? Yeah well, PhaseSpace prevents scenarios like that from ever existing.

You can check out more information or view media in relation to the UE3 PhaseSpace technology by visiting the Official PhaseSpace Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.