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While AMD royally wiped the floor all last week in the media circuits with the 7990 “Malta”, Nvidia is kicking back with something a bit more real-world applicable...like real-time fluid simulation running in real-time on a single GeForce GTX 580. “Take that AMD!” said some nerdy Nvidia fanboy engineer from a dank basement in some southeast Asia sweatshop-style chip factory.

But seriously, all I have to say is...wow! That is beyond impressive. I remember the last bit of water-based physics simulation was pretty pathetic (in terms of render time to realism effects) when aiming for the realism-achieved barrier, as it took more than 20 hours to render proper, fluid parity comparable to real-life. As we all know, it's just not possible to play a game rendering a couple of seconds of gameplay every couple of hours unless you enjoy stuff like playing hide and seek around the world.

Of course, this video also gives a lot of great hope for physics enthusiasts, as the exclusive PhysX middleware steps up to the plate and shows that it's more than just a novelty propriety of Nvidia. We could easily see this kind of technology play a big part in nautical-based games, similar to what Ubisoft used for Assassin's Creed III and what they're using in the upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Can you also imagine shooting out a fish tank in a competitive multiplayer game and watching your opponents get flushed away and around like a fish in a toilet? Epic.

Expect to see a ton of more technical demonstrations like the one above with the advent of this year's E3 and during the cusp of the release for next generation consoles.

You can learn more over at PhysX website.