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New Physics-Based First-Person Shooter Has No Animations

Curious what a game would look like without scripted or pre-cooked animations attached rigid-body 3D actors? Of course you're curious, who wouldn't want to see what a game looks and moves like where all the movements are coded into the physics. Check out the new trailer and be amazed.

The game, called A New Zero, is basically just a test-bed of sorts for this under-used method of animating characters. Cryptic Sea is the name of the developer and the game is one of many projects that Cryptic has been toying around with. Check it out in the video below.

That part near the end when the player was running through the buildings while the explosions were chipping away at the walls was intense. Imagine if the game had better sounds and at least PSOne quality graphics? That would be awesome. I know asking for anything more than Minecraft visuals would require a more dedicated artist and way more processing power...but moving that kind of physics-simulation into a slightly better visual arena with better atmospheric support could prove to be an instant winner.

Right now the closest thing we have to that demo is Battlefield 3, but it's safe to say that Battlefield 3 is still nothing quite like that demo and there's still plenty of restrictions on the physics.

You can learn more about Cryptic Sea's projects and download a few by visiting the Official Website. Hopefully we can see more of these kind of projects make there way into the public domain and potentially get enough traction behind them to become something a bit more stable and playable.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.