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PC role-playing game Pillars of Eternity launched this week to rave reviews. Unfortunately, a bug with the game's inventory is preventing some players from fully enjoying the game.

The bug affects players when they're trying to replace an item equipped by their character by double-clicking another item in their inventory. This simple act strips the character of all their buffs, including racial abilities. You can load a previous save to restore your character back to normal. However, this problem happens without players noticing so there's likely a lot of players who have logged several hours after losing their bonuses. You can see the bug in action here and here.

There are a couple, imperfect workarounds uncovered by players. Dismissing and then re-adding a NPC party member to your party can reset their buffs. However, this won't help if you've accidentally removed bonuses from your main character. Several players on Reddit report that this solution results in these companions losing their items.

It's also possible to use cheat console commands to manually restore characters' bonuses. The drawback here, though, is that using cheats will disable Steam achievements for your play-through.

Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment is aware of the issue. It sounds like they'll be patching it out soon, too.

"We do have a fix for this, and I'm trying to make it retroactive, so it will fix any save games that have this problem," said Obsidian's Adam Brennecke on the game's forum.

The support FAQ for Pillars of Eternity says that Patch 1.03 during the game should be released next week. It's unclear whether the fix for the inventory bug is included in that patch, though. Before the fix arrives, be sure to drag and drop items to equip or unequip them.

If you're experiencing any other bugs, check Obsidian's list of temporary solutions. Other bugs reported with the game include disappearing Ranger companions and

While this bug is definitely infuriating, it doesn't seem to have hurt players' impressions of Pillars of Eternity, an isometric RPG inspired by Baldur's Gate and other D&D role-playing games from the nineties. The Kickstarter project's sitting at a Metacritic score of 92 right now and a user score of 8.9.

"Obsidian had a daunting task before them: to make a spiritual successor to a series of games that are inextricably tangled up in nostalgia, over a decade after the height of those games’ popularity," said PCGamesN in one of the many positive reviews out there. "This is not the Baldur’s Gate of 2015, it’s Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, the best parts of the lot of them wrapped up in something new and brilliant."

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