Another premium MMO has gone free-to-play. Pirates of the Burning Sea relaunched today without a subscription requirement.

You will be able to download and play Pirates for free. However, certain content and enhancements can only be purchased through the in-game store known as the Treasure Aisle. Purchases made at this store will cost real money. Alternately, you can pay for a $14.99/month subscription ("Captain's Club membership") and get access to all of the paid features at once.

In other words, it's pretty close to the business model for Dungeons and Dragons Online or other games that have made the leap to free-to-play. One difference about Pirates, though, is that it offers a middle road. Any player who buys a month's subscription (or did so in the past) will become a Premium Player after their subscription lapses. Premium Players have access to more content than their free-to-play brethren.

Consult a detailed comparison of the features for free, premium, and subscribing players. For additional questions, check out the FAQ

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