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Some people will start a game and not have a clue what they’re doing due to the large amount of content the game may offer (i.e., Anarchy Online, Fallen Earth, etc.) other times a game is designed to be completed so everyone starts off feeling like a noob (i.e., NIDA Online, Mortal Online, etc.).

First Planet Company’s Planet Calypso is one of those games where newbs feel lost and the game itself treats everyone like a noob. To help alleviate this atrocious problem, the company has set up newb (and noob) friendly servers so players can evolve out of their newbdom with ease.

According to the press release…
Planet Calypso is known for its real-cash economy, grand scope, lush visuals and a very steep learning curve. Enter Calypso Gateway, the new content release from First Planet Company, which features an innovative starting point for newcomers. For many years those arriving on Calypso have started their new life on the busy streets of Port Atlantis, left with nothing but their bare hands and an orange jumpsuit. They have had a world of possibility to explore but at the same time the experience can prove daunting and overpowering. This new addition to Calypso changes all of that.

Well at least you’ll no longer hop into the city looking like you just busted out of celebrity jail. Also, take note that the long-term financial effects of this game has more at stake than just you and your gametime. Planet Calypso offers endless possibilities for making real-world cash; remember that guy who spent close to $70,000 for an egg? Yeah, so I guess it makes sense having a new server for newbies to actually learn how to play and earn some real cash via investment farming.

You can learn more about the new servers and updates for Planet Calypso by visiting the Official Website.

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