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MineCraft is all the rage right now...or rather, it was all the rage during 2011 and is sort of middling out right now. Anyway, Mojang's popular voxel-based crafting game has spawned a number of clones, including a really cool looking game called Planet Explorers.

Right now, Planet Explorers is in the alpha phase and there are plenty of bugs and kinks to be worked out. The upside, however, is that if you loved the concept of MineCraft but couldn't get past the blocky voxel graphics, then Planet Explorers might be welcomed alternative for you. You an check out a walkthrough of the gameplay and mechanics below.

Planet Explorers actually looks like a pretty fun game. The building mechanics seem all right and the ability to build up and evolve the world the way you want looks like it could provide for a ton of replayable enjoyment.

I imagine we'll probably see a couple of more big-budget games from major studios soon enough to aim to cash in on the trend assuming more indie titles pick up steam and popularity using the voxel gameplay design method.

I'd love to see what else you can craft out this game and players who are interested in checking it out can do so by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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