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Sony Online Entertainment is providing PlanetSide 2 players with an easy way to beef up their Battle Rank this weekend. They're hosting a double XP weekend that should be live later today.

To prepare for the event, SOE took down the game servers at 8:30AM PT. The developer said that the server downtime would be less than an hour but they're still not operational as of now. Still, you shouldn't have to wait much longer.

PlanetSide 2 is a MMOFPS in which three factions of players battle for control of continents across the planet of Auraxis. These persistent wars for territory can involve thousands of players at a time. By killing enemies and contributing to the war effort, players earn XP. As players earn XP, they can upgrade their character's abilities and unlock new infantry or vehicle equipment.

While P2 is free-to-play, players can opt to spend real-world money for unlocks. However, certain class-specific upgrades can't be purchased with money. A double XP weekend, therefore, is a big opportunity for players to advance their characters. Supposedly the double XP gains will stack with other boosts, such as the Alpha Squad perk, so some players will be doing some serious power-leveling.

The double XP weekend will occur in all territories and on all servers. It'll last until 9AM PT on Monday.