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Want to see some epic battles unfolding on between two sides battling for a planet's resources in PlanetSide 2? Well, SOE thought you would want to see the screenshots so they let loose a nice batch of epic battle shots for your viewing pleasure.

The game seems to be coming along nicely and Sony Online Entertainment's epic MMOFPS seems to be what the next-generation of action-based MMOs is all about. Right now it's hard to tell exactly how many vehicles and how many players will be able to fit on the screen at once, but it's quite obvious that there will definitely be enough action going on in any one area to keep things fresh and frantic.

I'm also curious how much customization the game will have; it's not something we've seen a lot of and most of it has been restricted to class-based armor and weapons. The graphics are especially nice for this to be an MMO...usually those kind of visuals are reserved for instanced-area games like Vindictus or Blade & Soul.

You can check out the new battle sequence screenshots below, and I'm definitely amped to see some more gameplay videos especially of the aerial craft. For more info or the opportunity to sign up for the beta, be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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