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Ubisoft has decided to further blur the differences between their games' sword-wielding, high-jumping, Middle Eastern-ish protagonists by allowing you to play as Altair in the upcoming Prince of Persia game. It won't cost you any money but it will take a little effort.

To get the free Altair skin, you'll have to register at Ubisoft's website and then provide your Xbox 360 Gamertag or PSN screen name (depending on which version you bought). Simple enough, though I imagine you'll get the occasional "announcement about exciting new products from Ubisoft" crammed into your Inbox.

It's not yet clear whether owners of the PC version will get a chance to download the skin. The Classic Prince skin is available only for Gamestop pre-orders of the 360 and PS3 versions so it's possible PC users miss out on Altair, too. No need to feel jealous of console gamers until Ubisoft releases an Armored Core skin, though.

Prince of Persia will be released on December 2nd for Xbox 360 and PS3 and December 9th for PC.