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The Pathfinder Adventures card game has found a huge market on game tables across the world and, soon, the teams at Obsidian and Paizo hope to see that success translate over to the virtual market with a digital release of the game.

Announced through a press release on TriplePoint Newsroom, Pathfinder Adventures is set to arrive on the iPad and Android tablets come March 29. Additional platforms are expected to follow.

If you’re not into card games, you’d be forgiven for assuming that every group of people huddled around a table that’s covered in cards is playing something like Magic or Pokemon. A new breed of card game has become quite popular over the past few years, however, and Pathfinder Adventures is one of the biggest titles in the mix.

Called Living Card Games, these titles actually have a lot in common with video games. You can start playing at any time simply by buying the core set, which comes packed with everything you need to play. Every few months a new pack of cards (kind of like DLC) will arrive that, again, has everything you need to go on new adventures. Unlike traditional trading card games, you don’t need to keep buying packs of cards to try to stack the deck in your favor. You still get a steady stream of content without needing to drop $20 on new cards every week. It’s a pretty sweet format, actually.

The Pathfinder roleplaying game has earned a massive following over the years, and the same has gone for the more recent card game, Pathfinder Adventures.

With this core version of the game, you’ll be able to build a party of characters and dive into the starting campaign, Rise of the Runelords. Each hero has their own deck of cards, with additional cards determining the enemies you face, your rewards and the like. You have some control over which cards go into your party’s decks, and then the luck of the draw will help keep things fresh. Trust me, there’s a lot more depth than what I’m making it sound like. Your character cards can even level up between adventures and gain new abilities, weapons, spells and the like.

According to the announcement, Obsidian plans on rolling out futures adventures as they’re prepped for the mobile platform, so you can probably anticipate everything that’s available in the physical version, now in the palm of your hands.

While solid mobile games like The Room, Hearthstone and Downwell pop up from time to time, more and more developers are turning to converting solid tabletop games to the new platform, and it’s resulted in some big hits. Hopefully Pathfinder Adventures will follow suit.