Pray For Dark is an action-horror game from Vaylr Studios that takes a decidedly different approach to both horror and action. The player's will take control over a guy who looks like a straight-up badass named Angel or The Sewer Man, but he has one vital drawback: he's blind.

The drawback actually isn't a drawback, it's actually pretty awesome and a neat gimmick that could change the way we appreciate the action-horror genre. The description of the game is pretty simple and you're basically roaming through dark underground, retro art-deco, steampunk sewers to weed out some evil creatures. Check out the Kickstarter video to get a better idea of what the project entails.

I have no criticisms of this project.

Actually, I have nothing but praise for this game because you know what? This feels like the spiritual successor to Nocturne. You remember Nocturne right? It was a game made back in 1999 and utilized the classic Resident Evil fixed-camera and featured an awesome protagonist named The Stranger. I get this strange feeling that The Sewer Man shares a strong resemblance to The Stranger.

Anyway, I'm digging the possibilities of this game and The Sewer Man can use echolocation and light emission to hunt down the creatures and flush them out. There's also a unique approach to the game's weapon designs that rely on something called “juice”.

The game recently landed on Kickstarter and has a ways to go (54 days as of the publishing of this article.) There's a $500,000 goal and I'm definitely hoping that this game makes the cut because it seems like it could be a cross between BioShock and Nocturne and that would be awesome.

You can learn more by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.

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