Stardock Entertainment's The Political Machine 2016 is a single or multiplayer political campaign simulator. It lets players take on the role of a current candidate or create their own on their way toward the primaries and a shot at becoming the President of the United States.

The game recently launched on Steam for only $9.99. The game is currently discounted by 25% off for the first week of being available on Valve's digital distribution service, so you can get your hands on it for only $7.49 for a limited time.

The game isn't just some presidential simulator thrown together with RNG and some loosely connected political topics formulated from a procedural algorithm. According to producer Patrick Shaw, the game draws from real life hot-button topics currently occurring in today's political sphere, with Shaw explaining in the press release...
The game deals with topics like the Keystone XL Pipeline, human trafficking, and other issues that are current and relevant to this year’s election, […] We’ve added a poll tracking feature so that you can see how your own political races are matching up to what’s going on in the United States right now.

The Political Machine 2016 allows players to create their own candidate and take them on the campaign trail, or to assume the role of a real-life candidate such as Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and push them through the grueling process of winning over regional caucuses and utilizing census data to shape and mold your campaign to match the expectations of the people.

What's interesting is that players will have to deal with political scandals – some of which can be pushed “under the rug” while others will require damage control from a savvy campaign leader. All of this can also take place within a real-time multiplayer sphere, where players will duke it out with friends or rivals alike online. You can attempt to utilize a natural disaster as an advantage to your own campaign or as a way to ruin the opposition. You can go on talk shows and partake in interviews to win over specific demographics, and even utilize various policies to not only win points but also actually work to enact change in the world.

Stardock's The Political Machine 2016 has already garnered a strong following on Steam and there are some interesting discussions and political debates happening within the game's forum given that it's obviously taking advantage of the 2016 presidential elections.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to be popular topics of discussion in the forums, with a lot of players offering commentary and points of contention with the ideals espoused by the POTUS hopefuls.

As the elections move through the states leading up to the primaries, some gamers are actually following along and simulating the results within Stardock's The Political Machine 2016. This was obviously the perfect time to release the game because it's likely going to stay a hot button item throughout the year, especially when the actual election season rolls around and everyone will be making their own predictions and coming up with their own scenarios.

You can learn more about the game or grab a digital copy by heading on over to the Steam store.
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