Stop reading this right now and just watch the video for Project Awakened. No really, just, skip all the text and hop down to watch what this project is all about, because it's the sort of thing that you always wanted out of a video game but never received. Well, supporting Project Awakened could make this dream game turn into a reality.

Basically, you create your dream action hero or heroine. You deck your character out in the outfits you want and equip them with the abilities and skills you feel they should have. You want a cyborg mentalist going around crushing skulls? You got it. You want an explosives expert going around with a samurai sword, cutting everything to pieces? You got it. You want a dude wearing douchy clothes with douchy hair to be an expert sniper and a master parkour artist? You got it.

If you still have no idea how this works and what it's about, just watch the video below and be blown away.

One thing they didn't mention in the video is that Project Awakened isn't running on the Unreal Engine 3 but instead, the much more streamlined and compatible Unreal Engine 4. Real-time, global illumination and light-casting? Done. No more pre-baked shadows, no more wasting time building a physics engine or a particle simulator, it's all done and right there in the engine.

Unfortunately, the team at Phosphor Studios is running out of time, and they need to raise $500,000 in 13 days. That's right, $500,000 in 13 days and they're only at the $174,000 mark. They need your help and they need it fast.

Some Kickstarters look amazing, some look all right, while some others need to be buried in a backyard next to some chewed-up house slippers from 1967. However, this Kickstarter really needs to hit its goal because it offers the kind of potential for gamers, modders and designers alike to truly revolutionize the way we interact and play games. I would rank this up there with StarForge and Star Citizen and Edge of Space.

But look, don't hop on the nerdgasm train just yet. Read through the details, check out the goals and the concepts for the game and the modding potential over at the Kickstarter page and be sure to share it with your friends.

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