You read the headline right, dinos are on the attack in the free-to-play FPS, Project Blackout. Gamers can gear up, arm up and head onto the battlefield to face off against some raging T-Rexes and other large-scale dinos.

Project Blackout originally hit the net waves with little to no fanfare. It’s just your standard free-to-play, first-person shooter. However, with the latest update the game has received new training missions and the dinosaur hunting mode. Now, despite seeming like being just another shooter, you have to admit that grabbing an M60 and a couple of your friends and going out onto the field to lay waste to a giant ‘ole T-Rex is actually kind of cool.

As stated in the news alert…
While we're excited for all the new content we've just released, we're not stopping there! In the future you can look forward to more weapons, maps, and items still to come. Don't forget to keep an eye on the official Project Blackout website and forums for all the latest and greatest on Project Blackout!

A couple of new weapons have already been added, including CheyTac 2000 sniper rifle, bone knives and a skull mask. The new maps for the dino mode are kind of cool, mirroring a Jurassic Park type environment with indoor and outdoor segments for players to run around in.

If you’re remotely interested in biding your time with a low-spec, free-to-play shooter, you can’t really go wrong with Project Blackout. You can find out more about the game or start downloading the client for free, by heading on over to the Official Website

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