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All right, so we’re going to have that HD trailer up for you in a bit (even though many of you may have already seen it at MMOSite). No worries, though, because a lot of you probably don’t know what Project E is about or why we’re even bothering covering the news. But after you take a look at a couple of the screen-caps you might see why.

Earlier today we brought you the news that GameHi, the South Korean MMO game developer, is bringing their popularized MMO-action game (codenamed) Project E to North American gamers. What’s more is that the game is not your typical MMO. In fact, it mirrors the gameplay likeness of Gears of War and features some bloody-good graphics to spare.

The following screen-caps are from the recently released HD cinematic trailer for Project E. This isn’t that fuzzy, hard-to-see crap that was available a couple of months ago, either. You can check out the captures below and be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for the debut of the HD cinematic trailer for Project E.

(Update: Trailer Is Available For Viewing Here.)