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It’s no secret that making a video game can get pretty expensive and, even though it had a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the folks behind Project Phoenix are now continuing their funding efforts through Paypal, bringing back many of the contributor rewards from the original campaign and even offering a few new goodies for those who want to throw some extra cash into the game’s development.

Project Phoenix began its life as a sparkle in the eye of Director Hiroaki Yura, a game that would bring the strategy RPG genre into the new century with an all-star team at its heart. Through the efforts of Kickstarter participants who wanted to see that dream become a reality, Project Phoenix raised more than $1 million, well above its original project goal.

But as the funding rolled in, so too did the scope of Project Phoenix. And with an even more ambitious project taking shape, the need for more funding has apparently arisen.

“We’re very excited to see our Kickstarter campaign continue through Paypal,” said Yura. “We’ve already been able to implement challenges, like having your entire party battle inside a kraken. Additional resources will allow us to make the journey through Azuregard a more enriching, engrossing experience.”

It should be noted that the Paypal campaign only works for new donors at this time. Kickstarter donors can obviously throw more money at the game via Paypal if they desire, but it’ll be considered a whole new reward tier for those dollars, meaning you’ll be doubling down on the physical and digital goodies rather than tacking on extra tiers to your original investment. Yura said that the team is trying to work out a way to have Kickstarter contributors’ new contributions get extended through any Paypal investments, so you might want to hold out for a future announcement if you’re looking to get more goodies for your continued support. Otherwise, Project Phoenix is just shy of $1,100,000 as of this printing, and the Paypal option is fully up and running for those who want to get in on the development process.

“The Paypal rewards list retains many features of its Kickstarter campaign,” reads the funding launch announcement. “Its tiers offer backers physical and digital copies of the game’s soundtrack composed by legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, the game’s artbook, a map of Azuregard, and a documentary about the making of Project Phoenix.”

The Paypal campaign also offers several additional rewards, including a Death’s Mantle hood for your characters to equip and a shadow pet that, at higher levels, can even become a mount.

To contribute to the game and see what reward tiers are available, visit the Project Phoenix official website. That same site also offers a whole bunch of background on the game, so be sure to do your homework before making any investment decisions.

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