Trion Worlds has provided an overview on the "Beyond Infinity" update for their MMORPG RIFT today. Patch 2.4 will begin a brand-new storyline and send players to new corners of the realms.

The Dendrome’s secrets have been revealed: Inyr’Kta, Hive Queen of the Architects, prepares to unleash titan-forged colossi against the planes!" Trion says of the patch's storyline. "Stopping her requires control of the Infinity Gate, the fateful god engine that first drew the Blood Storm to Telara. Aid Uriel and Kira in their race to open the portal, then leave Telara for the Plane of Earth … and a dire reckoning with the forces that lie beyond. RIFT 2.4 heralds the first chapter in a new war between the elemental planes."

Conflict erupts in two new raids plus a new dungeon and Chronicle, all while the Ascended rise to new heights of power with Rank 90 PvP armor, weapons, and more. Prepare for battle with world-breaking constructs – a Planar War awaits!"

In the first raid, Infinity Gate, players will face powerful enemies from alternate plans. They'll battle Breaker X1, the Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus and a Karthan juggernaut. By defeating these enemies and securing the gate, they'll set up the next raid instance called Planebreaker Bastion.

Planebreaker Bastion is a war foundry within the Plane of Earth. Inyr’Kta has fled here to build a massive construct that will threaten all the elemental planes when completed. Players will have to defeat the Hive Queen, her servants and her massive automaton. Players won't be able to tackle this raid right away, though, as Trion says it will be unlocked "shortly after" patch 2.4's release.

The patch's new dungeon is called Realm of Twisted Dreams. Players must step into the nightmares of Atrophinius and defeat his deepest fears. Players will face twisted versions of familiar enemies in this realm. The adventure concludes with a fight against a demon disguised as Fae Lord Twyl.

While you're still gearing up for dungeons and raids, Infernal Dawn: Laethys is a good place to brush up on your skills. This Chronicle, designed for one or two players, is inspired by the Infernal Dawn raid released in patch 1.8. Players will fight Maklamos the Scryer, Rusila Dreadblade, and the dragon Laethys.

Trion has also included a number of small features in Patch 2.4. Frequent PvPers will be able to rise to the prestige rank of 90 and acquire new armor and weapons. The Instant Adventures system will now allow players from different servers to fight alongside each other. Finally, the barbershop has been revamped with new hair colors and hairstyles.

RIFT went free-to-play in June. You can download the game client at to start playing.

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