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Fantasy MMO RIFT is ready to be poked and prodded by skeptical gamers. Trion Worlds has launched the open beta.

Testers will be able to progress up to level 42. They'll have access to two playable factions, three PvP areas, and several dungeons. To sign up, head to the RIFT website and create a Trion Worlds account. You'll then be able to download the beta client.

If you like the game, you'll be able to easily hype it through Twitter. You can tweet through in-game chat and share quick impressions or screenshots with your followers. You can also tweet Achievements if you're feeling especially spammy.

The beta will conclude at 10 AM PST on February 21st. Pre-order customers will get early access to the full game on the 24th. The game will launch to the general public on March 1st.

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