You won't have to buy RIFT's upcoming expansion Storm Legion in order to try out the new content. Trion Worlds will be hosting an open beta for Storm starting on November 2nd.

Storm Legion is the first expansion pack to the medieval fantasy MMORPG. It adds two new continents complete with raids, dungeons and other content. The level cap will be raised from 50 to 60, and each Calling will have a new Soul to use for customizing their abilities. Dimensions, the equivalent of housing, will be available to both players and guilds alike.

In order to play the beta, all you need to do is make a RIFT account and then download the beta client here. You can create new characters for this test or use existing characters. The open beta will end on November 5th at 8am PST.

If the open beta piques your interest, you won't need to wait long to get unlimited access to the expansion. Storm Legion will launch on November 13th. It'll cost $39.99 to purchase if you already own the game. New players can get both the base game and expansion for $49.99.

Screenshots from the open beta are below.

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