Trion Worlds is hoping to pull a few more subscribers into their fantasy MMORPG RIFT. They're lowering the price of the game and also offering players a free month.

The 12-month subscription fee for RIFT, previously $119.88, has been cut to $99.00. The discount brings the monthly fee for a 12-month subscription down to $8.25, as opposed to the usual $9.99. Without a long-term subscription, the game is $14.99 - in other words, it's 45% cheaper per month to spring for a one-year subscription.

Trion also offers six-month and three-month subscriptions. Purchasing any multi-month plan will earn you a free month of game time. Like the lowered annual fee, this offer of a free month is available for a limited time only.

Long-term subscriptions also instantly earn you Veteran Rewards. Veteran Rewards are free bonuses given to subscribers. For example, subscribing for six months will earn you an exclusive breastplate as well as a summonable item vendor. While you could get this sbonus by playing the game for that long, you can also get it upfront by purchasing a six-month sub.

In order to retain its existing subscribers, RIFT has also been adding a steady stream of new content since launch. The latest update, Patch 1.6, introduced a new zone called the Ember Isles.

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