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RPG Maker MV Will Be The Easiest Way To Create Your Own Games

There's a new version of RPG Maker on the horizon, and hopefully soon we'll be using it to craft our own games. RPG Maker MV is the latest entry in the long-running RPG creation software line and it's going to blow the other versions out of the water. 

RPG Maker MV (via Siliconera) is capable of some very impressive games, if the debut Japanese trailer is any indication. While previously RPG Maker was capable of making excellent standalone creations, the series is now able to make games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and HTML5 games. It's also, as Siliconera notes, the first time since RPG Maker '95 in 1997 that it'll be available for Mac users. 

For the first time in the history of the series, RPG Maker MV will feature side-view options for battles, and you'll be able to implement touch screen controls for the mobile games you can create. Tap-to-travel controls will be a boon for games where you've got a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time, but you can do the same thing with your PC games as well. 

Those may be some of the biggest changes to the tool, but RPG Maker MV expands its original RPG Maker database from 999 items to 2,000 so you can store weapons, armor, enemies, skills, and more without worrying about running out of a place for things. With a new resolution of 816 x 624 over 544 x 416, you'll want to experiment with new items and placement of tiles. 

It looks like a powerful tool and one that'll be used to good effect to create some interesting games. Previous RPG Maker games include the likes of Yume Nikki, a personal favorite, as well as Space Funeral, one of the trippiest games you'll ever see in your life. 

With a trend of games releasing that allow you to create your own games and levels like Super Mario Maker around right now, we could be seeing a lot more of these types of tools releasing, empowering users to make their own games with easy-to-use scripts and languages. RPG Maker has typically been very simple to learn if you've got the time, and I'm personally interested in this version for mobile development. 

Given that the rest of the RPG Maker series has been released for English-speaking users, hopefully this one will be as well. Tools that make it simple for us to make our own creations are useful for both learning to code and understanding the complex business of creating games