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Competitive online racing has just been taken to the next level with a new title that brings gamers together to compete in some high-octane street competitions. GameXChanger recently announced that a new free-to-play MMO that runs in a browser is currently available and…it’s free-to-play.

Remember the days of shareware titles that got you all revved up like Slip’n’Slide, Death Race or Super Speed? Well, the top-down racer has returned to the racing genre and this time it’s an MMO and it also happens to be free. UK based software-supply and exchange company GameXChanger offers gamers a casual blend of racing with hardcore qualities in their recently released, browser-based simulator, RaceD.

The game features customizable vehicles and allows for players to select from a variety of high-end and popular racing cars. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if rocket launchers or 30mm twin machine guns can be equipped to a Ford Focus…maybe next time. Anyway, you can check out the full list of features for the game below or visit the Official Website to jump right in and start playing. For more gaming news, info, updates and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

RaceD Features:

• Thousands of real life opponents to challenge
• Daily special events and cups
• All your favourite supercars to buy, tune and upgrade
• Loads of tracks to test your skills on
• Instant chat and messaging

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