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It’s hard to believe, but WarpPortal’s free-to-play MMORPG, Ragnarok Online 2: Advent of Valkyrie is already a year old. To celebrate, the developer is hosting a slew of special events and promotions in commemoration of 12 months of questing, battling and looting.

MMOs, especially of the free-to-play variety, are a dime a dozen these days, but it’s not often that one catches hold so snuggly that the developers are actually able to make an official sequel. But that’s exactly what happened in the case of Ragnarok Online, leading the way to Advent of Valkyrie just one short year ago.

As of May 1, 2014, Ragnarok Online 2 is officially one year old. Unlike most newborns, however, this particular game hit the ground running, bringing over millions of fans from the original game and earning new ones in the process thanks to a wealth of new content, a new gameplay engine and more. In order to celebrate this first year of success for Advent of Valkyrie, WarpPortal is all about hosting a series of in-game events, including sales and special rewards for players new and old.

First up in the ole goody bag is a pair of class rebalance patches meant to improve all 12 playable classes, making the game even more fun for players to experiment with various builds until the find the warrior that’s best suited to their tastes.

There’s also going to be a “One Year Anniversary Event,” a unique occurrence that will return players to familiar zones to celebrate their beginnings in the game, as well as provide new monsters to trounce and special rewards to earn. An Anniversary Letter Collection will also be open for all comers, allowing players to hunt monsters in order to earn letters that may be turned in for additional rewards and special items.

And what would a one year celebration be without a birthday blowout sale? Players can expect five weeks of special discounts that will see every item in the Kafra Shop marked down.

Are you a player who hasn’t returned to Midgard in a while? Then WarpPortal is holding a special event for you, too, offering unique rewards for those who wish to return to the game. Old hands can also expect a lot of new rewards provided just for the heck of it through May and June.

Finally, the Ragnarok Online 2 celebration ends the whole shebang with a Jump to New Heights event, allowing anyone who signs up for the game’s newsletter to automatically “jump” one of their characters to level 50 this June. Said character will also receive a box full of useful armor and weapons to help ease them into their newfound epicness.

For more info on Ragnarok Online 2: Advent of Valkyrie and to take part in the first anniversary events, visit the game’s official website.
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