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Stack e’m up and knock e’m down. It looks like yet another premium, pay-to-play MMO has taken off the subscription harness and replaced it with free-to-play reigns. Gravity Interactive announced today that the long-time P2P MMORPG based on Norse mythology now offers gamers free-to-play options in addition to VIP services.

As stated in the press release…
Yggdrasil (once a Monthly Subscription based server) and Valkyrie (a free to play server) will both become completely open to account and character creation for players that want to give Ragnarok Online a test drive

All the game’s classes, quests and battles can be experienced by newbies or veteran players alike completely free. At the same time, however, all the premium characters and content from before is still available on the VIP servers.

Gamers interested in partaking in the new Ragnarok Online can do so…for free…simply by making an account at the Warp Portal’s Official Website.

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