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Perfect World Entertainment has officially launched RaiderZ for Euro gamers. The game recently entered open beta in North America, bringing with it plenty of celebration and festivities during the Halloween event, which will also be extended over to Europeans as well.

RaiderZ is a pseudo-Monster Hunter style game with a hint of Dark Souls and standard theme-park MMO features tossed in for good measure. The free-form, multi-class build setup and non-targeting gameplay really helps give the game a bit of identity amongst all the other standard fare Korean clones out there, and the clean graphics and excellent animation system makes the combat feel both visceral and enjoyable.

The real highlight of RaiderZ is that it's free-to-play. From my short time with the game I've yet to see how it could turn into a pay-to-win situation, which means that it's the kind of free-to-play title that doesn't feel like you're been sorely left behind if everyone else starts abusing the cash shop, like certain other MMOs out there whose names I shall not name.

Anyway, you can head on over to the Official Website and grab the free client for RaiderZ and start playing the game up for everything it has to offer if you're in the Euro territory. PWE also released some new screenshots that you can check out below.