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The download restriction has been lifted and Perfect World Entertainment's RaiderZ has officially entered open beta. This means that interested gamers can head on over to the official website and start downloading the client right now either the old fashioned way or via Bittorrent.

RaiderZ is a monster hunting MMORPG from the same minds behind GunZ: The Duel and GunZ 2. Maiet's third-person hack-and-slash adventure title sees players choosing from three different class types with a multitude of branching skills, combat behaviors and abilities.

You can check the game out in action below with a neat little gameplay trailer.

In addition to hunting large monsters in a party, you can also partake in a number of other themepark-style MMORPG quests to level-up, get stronger, acquire new items and generally go around pretending to be a badass. The ability to block, dodge and roll out of the way makes for some interesting combat encounters and the game's richly detailed and beautifully designed game world offers players an engaging experience that's a cut above all the other MMO-clones out there.

While the game lacks some of the physical properties of something ambitious like devCat's Vindictus – a game that let you chain up bosses and pretty much pick up and use any and everything breakable within the environment as a weapon – it still has a breakaway from the typical click-and-grind mechanic of Korean WoW-clones.

You can download the open beta client right now or learn more by visiting the Official Website.