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PC gamers will soon be able to try out Rainbow Six Siege for themselves. Ubisoft will be holding a closed alpha test in North America and Europe for the multiplayer shooter in a few days.

The alpha test will kick off on Tuesday, April 7th at 10am Eastern and run until Monday, April 13th at 10am Eastern. Ubisoft warns that the exact timing could vary by region, though. Players who signed up through the game's official website with their Uplay account will be considered for the test.

On the Rainbow Six Siege website, Ubisoft said they're hoping to test core gameplay loops and the server infrastructure. They also want testers to share their general opinions about the game. Because it's an alpha, you should expect a fair share of bugs.

During the Siege alpha test, players can use ten characters. Each is equipped with different gadgets. For example, Thatcher is armed with EMP grenades that can knock out electronic devices while Pulse has a heartbeat monitor that lets him track the other team. There's also a Recruit character with no unique gadgets who functions as a sort of wild card.

Two maps will be available during the test. The first, seen in previous gameplay videos, takes place in a house. The second is a three-level jumbo jet.

"From the moment you and your fellow Attackers are dropped outside of the plane, it is a battle through a labyrinth of barricaded hallways and traps set by the Defenders," Ubisoft said of the airplane map. "Take advantage of the ladders spread through the plane and don’t forget that you can always just make your own doorways. You can even try going through the ceiling if you really want to get the drop on the other team.

"As the Defenders, your squad will need to build a veritable fortress, which is where Operators like Castle (and his heavy-duty Kevlar barricades) come in handy. Keep a watchful eye on all nearby funnels and be ready for anything. Be sure to take out any surveillance drones you spot so your enemies never know what you’re planning."

The alpha test is only a "small sample" of the overall game, according to Ubisoft. The exact amount of maps and modes available in the full version is unclear. They did mention there will be twenty playable characters, though, in addition to the Recruit.

Rainbow Six Siege's alpha will be eventually followed by a beta. You can sign up for the beta's waiting list for a chance at participating or guarantee yourself a spot by pre-ordering.

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