Rappelz, the hit MMORPG from Gala Networks, is gearing up for a brand new expansion pack later this spring, offering loads of new content and abilities for players to sink their teeth into. As the expansion is still unnamed, Gala also plans to let the players decide what this latest batch of content will be called.

Sure, there are a billion free-to-play games out there, half of which just so happen to be MMORPGs set in a fantasy world. But at least Rappelz has built up a good reputation for itself with nice visuals, good content and a player count of more than 6 million adventurers.

The game's latest expansion is set to go live within the next few months, offering four new instance dungeons for players to explore, and a brand new system that will allow players to turn their favorite baddies into lovable pets.

“Currently, the update doesn't yet have an official title,” reads a statement from the developer. “Gala Networks is inviting player to participate in finding the title and to vote online for their favorite option. An online survey will be published soon...”

So while we might not have a name just yet, we do at least know some things about this upcoming Rappelz content. The four new dungeons are geared towards high-level Master Class players, allowing them to hunt down undead witches and take on some of the hardest bosses to ever grace the game. Lower level dungeons are also receiving some attention with rebalancing, improved accessibility and a new reward system. Finally, there's the ability to tame and train your favorite monsters, making pet collecting more interesting than ever.

Players can keep their eye out for the naming survey on the game's official website. I'm not a very creative sort, so I'll be voting for something like Rappelz: New dungeons and pets.

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