Raptor LK1 Gaming Keyboard Available For Only $35

If you’re looking for an intense, fully functional, full-featured gaming keyboard for cheap, CompuExpert has a solution for you called the Raptor LK1, which sports water resistant tech and removable keys for easy replacement.

The best part about this hot new keyboard is that unlike other keyboards from Logitech or SteelSeries that usually start at $89.99, the Raptor LK1 (and that’s a really awesome name, by the way) is only $34.99. Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Ammar Adra, president of CompuExpert commented in the press release, saying…

"If you're trying to build a great gaming rig, you don't want to be dropping a lot of cash on something like a keyboard," ... "The Raptor LK1 gives gamers everything they need in a durable keyboard, but leaves them plenty of cash to spend of more important things - like bone-vibrating speakers and a room-sized HD monitor."

…or beer, chips, and maybe that new Cyborg Laser R.A.T gaming mouse. Anyway, the LK1 is cheap enough not to put a horrible dent in your spending habits and it’s a perfect addition to anyone building a gaming rig for cheap.

A complete list of the new Raptor LK1 features can be viewed below. If you want to purchase the budget-priced $34.99 gaming peripheral, be sure to visit Newegg or Amazon. For further information on CompuExpert’s Raptor LK1 feel free to stop by the Official Website.’

Features of the Raptor LK1 Keyboard include:

• Anti-ghost technology that allows up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes

• 5 non-slip pads keep keyboard in place, with adjustable tilt legs

• Fast-Mover-Technology™ that automatically locks removed keys

• Red AWSD and arrow keys for instant location in the dark

• Exchangeable key for personalization

• Spare black AWSD and arrow keys and key removal tool

• Water-resistant structure

• Whisper-silent muted keystrokes

• 3m cable with gold USB connection

• Plug and play installation

• Sexy $34.99 suggested retail price

• German engineering

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.