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2Dawn Games wants to give back in the same way that they were given back to. DICE offered them an opportunity to grow as modders and developers when they originally made the Battlefield: Desert Combat mod, they now want to open the doors for up-and-coming modders, designers and developers to experiment and experience the same level of creative freedom that they were given, only this time it's with their Unreal Engine powered game, Ravaged and Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse.

Reverb sent out word that the modding development kit (called an RDK) has been released to the public... all 12GB of it.

The software development kit will enable users to get low, drop into the core assets and functions of the game and create new maps, new weapons, new characters, new skins and new ways to have fun in 2Dawn's Ravaged.

Ken Payne, lead engineer at 2Dawn Games commented about the release of the new RDK, saying...
“Having come from the modding community ourselves, we feel passionate about giving the same opportunity to future Ravaged developers,” ... “These fundamental tools will provide a platform for our community to build, share, and play in maps that we could never have imagined.”

This is a great thing by 2Dawn Games and it's the complete opposite of what EA and DICE are doing with the Battlefield series.

For those of you who don't know, Battlefield used to be a prime-time franchise for mods, until EA put a cork in that hole and ensured that no one would ever produce another mod for the game, again.

As noted by Dean “Rocket” Hall, Battlefield could easily trump tons of other series out there with mod tools, but EA opted to close off that garden and produce paid-for DLC instead. It's funny because it was the modding that got Battlefield started in the first place and modding that helped put the series on the map. Paying respect to history is the best way to learn and grow from it.

In the way of Ravaged, 2Dawn understands that giving back to the modding community is the best way to help grow the community and get more people involved. Now, adding mod tools doesn't guarantee that the game will become some super-massive, awesome success, but it does increase the game's portfolio, lifespan and adds a ton of potential based on what gamers and the creatively-inclined are likely to pump out for the game. Half-Life, Killing Floor and Unreal are perfect examples of modding gone right... as well as Garry's Mod, DayZ and Minecraft.

You can learn more about the new software development kit, what you can do with the kit, what features the kit will support and how the mod distribution will work on the official website.

Ravaged and Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse are available right now for only $14.99 on Steam.

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