Not every hero needs a spandex suit or a cape. Heck, some heroes don’t even have arms or legs. And that’s exactly the case when it comes to the mighty Rayman, whose finally making his way to Mac with the launch of Rayman Origins on Dec. 12.

Easily one of the best games of 2011 and one of my favorite platformers of all time, Rayman Legends gave new life to a classic platforming series that, until just a couple of years ago, had been completely taken over by Rabbids and silly mini-games. Those mini-games were usually pretty awesome, sure, and the Rabbids have their lovable moments, but what gamers really desired was a limbless wonder who could once again remind folks what fast-pace platforming was all about.

Enter Rayman Origins, a beautifully rebooted entry in the series from original creator Michel Ancel and lovingly pieced together for its new platform by Feral Interactive. Origins returned to the genre’s 2D roots and featured an amazing soundtrack and even more amazing visuals, perfectly complementing tight controls, crazy creatures and enough platforming goodness to give your thumbs permanent callouses.

“When a marauding army of the Livid Dead threatens his magical homeland, it’s up to Rayman to leap into action and save the day,” reads a statement from Feral. “With a riotous mixture of unique moves, outrageous enemies and boldly psychedelic environments, this is Rayman at his hilarious and heroic best.”

While folks got to enjoy this colorful romp on consoles a couple of years ago and subsequently on PC, it’s taken a bit of extra time to bring Origins to Mac. That time has finally come, however, as it launches Dec. 12 for just $19.99. Offering up dozens of levels, multiple playable characters, co-op craziness and a handful of diabolical speedrunning levels, that makes Origins an absolute steal. “Players will jump, swim, sprint and hover thorugh over 60 fantastical levels, from a desert of immense digeridoo formations and bouncy bongo drums to the fiery stomach of a dragon chef,” reads the official Mac launch announcement. “They’ll punch out enemies with Rayman’s telescopic fists, confound bosses with gravity-defying wall-running and soar through perilous platforming challenges with ‘Hairlycopter’-powered gliding.”

According to Feral Interactive Managing Director David Stephen, everything fans loved about Rayman Origins on consoles has made the transition to Mac.

Rayman Origins is a beautifully balanced game, both welcoming and challenging,” Stephen said. “Players will need to explore every inch of the world and push their platforming skills to the limit to uncover the game’s biggest secrets.”

And Mac users can start doing exactly that in just a few days. Look for Rayman Origins on Mac this Thursday, Dec. 12, pretty much anywhere digital video games are sold.

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